This lager is based around the classic German pilsner with a lightly hoppy Bohemian twist. Lightly toasted malt flavors underscore noble hop characters bringing out floral aromatic and spicy herbal notes. Dry hopped for a touch of bergamot zest and lemongrass.

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Golden Pale

This light, refreshing and cleansing ale is brewed a great balance of pale malt and Australian hops. With light, fruity and floral tastes and aromas, this is an easy Golden Ale to sit back with and enjoy.

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Pale ale

This Pale Ale is a modern version of the classic American pale ale style. Its firm bitterness matched with citrus and pine hops blend perfectly with the crystal malt giving you a bold beer that really packs a punch.

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Indian Pale ale

This IPA is all about impact, big malt meets big hops. With intense tropical fruit notes from several North American hops and big British malts that provides sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish. Very aromatic from a good dose of dry hopping, this IPA is considered a big boy drink yet easy enough to handle.

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Newton’s Noggin Apple Cider

A nice, light, and refreshing semi-sweet cider with a pleasant apple aroma and taste.

Often referred to as an apple champagne with its light and bubbly nature. 

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