Rumble Beginnings

It started out with a couple mates looking for a bit of excitement in their lives and their limit of imagination was to create a business from making craft beer.

The idea really started to get serious after reading a Dogfish Head craft beer book by Sam Calagione and a trip to Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao fight Dela Hoya. As they say, the rest is history. Building built, brewery bought, beers brewed and drank and Crazy Carabao created.

Join us on our journey to make great craft beer in the Philippines for many years to come.



Bringing different taste notes and exotic beer flavors to Filipinos across the country is harder as a microbrewery. As a pioneer of the Craft Beer industry in the Philippines, we have made our premium brews available in more than 140 locations nationwide, from high-end restaurants in the cities to local groceries in the provinces, you will be able to taste Crazy Carabao Brewing Co.

Consistent Brewing Process

However, extensive delivery to different localities is not enough if we are to see Crazy Carabao as the number 1 beer in the land. The consistency of each bottle's quality will determine our ranking as a Filipino beverage. As a Craft Beer company, we sell the experience of being able to taste different flavors making Filipinos accustomed to different taste notes.

Craft Beer Leader

The persistence in our brewing process and unchanging taste of all our brews sets us apart from other craft beer brews available locally.